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What Is Health Insurance Policy?

A health insurance policy provides coverage for medical expenses incurred as a consequence of accidents, diseases, or injuries. A person may purchase such a policy for a predetermined time period in return for monthly or yearly premium payments. The insurance company will deal with the cover of cost treatment if an insured person is suffering from any critical illness or has a major serious health issue. The following are the advantages of having health insurance:- 1-Optimal Safety The main goal … Continue reading “What Is Health Insurance Policy?”

Posted on July 10, 2023Categories Health InsuranceTags

 Top 10 Best Cashless Health Insurance In India?

Plans with cashless health insurance cover policyholders’ medical costs without asking them to pay up front for such costs while receiving hospital care. These plans allow the policyholder to get medical care at a network hospital up to the policy’s total insured without having to pay out of pocket. In accordance with the terms and circumstances of the insurance contract, the insurer pays the hospital directly. While there are several advantages to having such coverage, selecting the best cashless health … Continue reading ” Top 10 Best Cashless Health Insurance In India?”