Divya Sikarwar: Unveiling the Extraordinary Chapters of a Remarkable Journey

divya sikarwar

Do you want to meet your future goals successfully? If yes, you must be looking for some motivation that will encourage you to stay motivated on your goals. We can assure you that if you learn the recent overwhelming success story of the UPPSC topper Divya Sikarwar it will guide you to fulfill your goals successfully. In this article, we are going to discuss the journey of Divya towards success and the hidden facts behind her success. So, stay tuned with us till the end. 

UPPSC Topper 2023

The UPPSC PCS Final Result 2022 was released on 7 April 2023 by the UPPSC ( Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission). Those who sat for the examination will be able to check their result by going to the official website which is uppsc.up.nic.Nearly 5,311 applicants sat for the mains exam and only 1070 candidates were shortlisted for the interview. The UPPSC conducted the interview process from 20 February to 21 March in 2023.

When the UPPCS 2022 final result was published on 7 April 2023, the commission declared Divya Sikarkar to be the topper of the exam. Do you want to know who this UPSC topper 2023 Divya Sikarwar is? Read on to learn more about her achievements. 

Divya Sikarwar UPPSC Topper 2023 Biography & Age

Divya Sikarwar age is 26 years. She is from Agra and was able to crack the UPPCS 2022 exam on her third attempt. In her previous attempt, she was unable to get the qualifying mark by only two points. She was born and brought up in Rami Garhi village of Etmadpur tehsil, agra. The Divya Sikarwar biography depicts that her father served in the Border Security Force. 

Divya Sikarwar has been appointed as Deputy Collector of UP as she became the topper in the UPPSC exam. Divya Sikarwar marksheet proves that she is a brilliant student and an encouraging personality in history. 

Divya Sikarwar UPPSC Topper

The UPPSC PCS Final Result 2022 declared Divya Sikarwar UPPSC topper. Besides Divya Sikarwar, UPPSC declared a girl from Lucknow named Pratiksha Pandey to be in the second position and a girl from Bulandshahr named Namrata Singh to be in the third position. You will find it interesting to know that 364 candidates were selected in the final interview and among them 110 were female. Most importantly among the top 10 candidates, eight candidates were women. This year the UPPCS examination took only 10 months to be completed. 

Divya Sikarwar UPPSC Success Story

Divya started to prepare for her UPPSC exam when she was in Kanpur. In an interview, she said that she did not even use her mobile phone during her studies. She only used it when she needed some help from online resources. Moreover, she has also shared that she has not activated her social media account yet and is planning to prepare for the IAS exam in the future. 

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She has said that when she checked the UPPSC website on 7 April 2023 she was spellbound after seeing her name on top of the list of deputy collectors. She could not believe her eyes. It was her third attempt. In the last exam, she was unable to clear the exam with only 2 marks. 

In an interview with the Times of India, she said that she wants to empower women and girls especially those in rural areas who do not get proper scopes to pursue their dreams. When the panel of interviewers wanted to know how she would help such deprived people, in reply she said that the keys to success are quality education, vocational training, and self-help groups for financial resilience. 

Divya Sikarwar Caste 

Divya Sikarwar caste is Sakarwar which is also known as Sikarwar. This caste consists mainly of the Rajputs and is mainly found in different areas of northern and eastern India.


To conclude Divya Sikarwar a W6-year-old girl from Agra has secured the first position in the UPPSC 2022 exam. Her caste is sikarwar. It is said that a family of Rajputs belongs to this caste who are mainly found in different areas of northern and eastern India. She faced a lot of problems during her journey. So her journey to the top was not smooth. She failed two times to crack the exam. The most disheartening thing is that last time she missed the opportunity for only 2 marks. 

But at the end of the day, Divya has got the ultimate reward through her determination and hard work. She is now an inspiring figure who not only motivates the women and girls in rural areas in their upliftment but also provides them with quality education, vocational training, and self-help groups for financial stability. She is a bright example for all the candidates who are trying hard to clear the UPPSC and become successful in life. You may also check out Divya Sikarwar biography in Hindi to know more about her.