Exploring Chennai’s Literary Haven: Moore Market Book Shop

Moore Market Book Shop

Moore Market Book Shop is located in the heart of Chennai. It exemplifies the rich literary lineage of the city. This wonderful bookstore which has now become a hub for the bookworms was built decades before. The bookstore offers a wide range of old and new books. In this article, we will discuss the charisma of Moore Market Book Shop,  Chennai including its online existence and why it has become so popular among the bibliophiles of Chennai. 

A Historical Gem:

Moore Market old book shop has secured an extraordinary position in the history of Chennai. The market was initially established in 1900 and it was named after the earlier President of the Madras Corporation Thomas Gajetan Moore. The market has now become a busy junction for different things. In the 1980s a shop was opened in the market only for selling books which has now become one of the most popular book shops in the entire city. 

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Exploring the Shelves:

Are you eager to know what made Moore Market Chennai Book shop stand out from the crowd? If you visit the store you will be welcomed with an unusual fragrance of the old papers and the panorama of high shelves which are filled with books. You will be able to get any type of book in this store be it vintage classics or obscure titles. That is why the book shop in Moore Market has become the ultimate place for book lovers. 

Online Presence:

To get adjusted to the digitized era, Moore Market Book Shop has adopted online platforms so that they can fulfil the requirements of a wider audience. Book lovers with the help of the Moore Market Book shop online portal can easily browse through the massive collection of books from the convenience of their homes. If you want to get a rare first edition of a book or a modern bestseller you will be able to access everything from the virtual racks of the Moore Market Book Shop only with a few clicks. In this way, the bookstore serves the local as well as the global bookworms. 

Moore Market Book Shop Velachery

The Magic of Velachery Outlet:

To meet the growing demand for quality literature, Moore Market Book Shop has introduced an outlet in Velachery. This was indeed a good decision which made the bookstore available to the inhabitants of the southern part of the town. The Moore Market Book Shop Velachery branch works just like the original store. 

Location and Contact Information:

To discover the  Moore Market Book Shop location is easy for the Moore Market Book Shop central branch in Chennai. The locals as well as the visitors can easily reach the bookstore as it is located in the heart of the city. So, if you are looking to get the rare literary gems you may visit the central location of Moore Market Book Shop once. In case you have any queries or require help you may call at the Moore Market Book Shop contact number. You will get proper guidance from the experienced employees. 

Moore Market Book Shop Timings:

Moore Market Book Shop is available at flexible times so that they can meet the different schedules of the customers. The doors of the bookstore remain open to greet the book enthusiasts all day, be it morning or night. 


Moore Market Book Shop in Chennai is a living example of the passion for literature. The bookstore has become one of the best places for book lovers in the city due to its wide collection, online presence, and a branch in Velachery.