Factors to & Not to Deem for Cheap Car Insurance in Toronto

cheap car insurance

You must get car insurance if you drive a vehicle in Toronto. Besides, auto insurance is an expense that protects you and your vehicle in the event of an accident or other damage. However, people in Toronto also want to save money with auto insurance. For the same reason, they seek their options for cheap car insurance in Toronto. Luckily, there are ways you can avail yourself of cheap auto insurance in the capital of Ontario.

Moreover, you need to understand the factors that will impact car insurance rates in Toronto. You can possibly get car insurance for cheap if you understand those factors and exploit them for the purpose.

Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates in Toronto

Factors that can affect your car insurance rates in Toronto are the following:

Driving Record

Demerit points won’t affect your insurance premiums, but your driving record will. Major and minor traffic tickets plus at-fault insurance claims will let your provider dig deeper into your driving habits. Put differently, your insurance provider will consider the number of tickets and the severity of each violation.

As an example, your provider will charge you a higher rate if you have a history of speedy tickets. Moreover, a traffic violation can impact your premium for three years. In addition, an at-fault claim can affect your premium for six years. However, parking tickets won’t affect your insurance premiums, provided that you pay tickets on time. Therefore, it is important for you to have a good driving record to keep your insurance rate low.

Vehicle’s Make and Model

The type of vehicle you own aids insurance providers in knowing your risk of an accident as a policyholder. Besides, each vehicle has its own CLEAR (Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating). CLEAR is contingent on the vehicle’s claim probability besides its cost for repair and replacement. Certain safety features in your vehicle can save you money on car insurance. Winter tires and anti-theft systems, to name a few.

In addition, if your car model has zero less-prevention features and a high risk of theft, you may get higher premiums. For the same reason, it is a good idea to opt for a secure vehicle without overlooking its safety features.

The Mileage

If you do not drive a lot annually, it can lower your car insurance premium. Put differently, the less you drive annually will help you get cheap car insurance in Toronto and vice versa. You can show your insurance providers how many kilometers you drive annually with the aid of a UBI (Usage-Based Insurance). Besides, it can also show your provider whether you are a safe driver or not. It may let you get the reward of a low-risk customer who spends less time on the road.

Will the Credit Card Score Impact Your Auto Insurance in Toronto?

Toronto is the capital of Ontario, where insurance companies do not consider credit card scores a factor in determining premiums. Thus, your credit card score is not going to impact your car insurance rate in Toronto.

Factors That Are Out of Your Control for Car Insurance Rates in Toronto

Here are the factors that are out of your control for getting car insurance in Toronto:

Insurance History and Driving Experience

Premiums for new drivers are significantly higher, as they do not have any insurance history.


Drivers under the age of 25 usually get higher insurance rates because insurance providers consider them inexperienced.

Postal Code

It is also out of your control how insurance providers price insurance premiums based on your city, such as Toronto.


Men are riskier drivers than women; thus, they usually have to pay higher insurance rates than women.

Our Suggestions on Lowering Your Insurance Rate in Toronto

We have already mentioned to you the factors contributing to lower auto insurance rates. Besides considering those factors, we recommend the following to get cheap auto insurance in Toronto:

  • Choose a vehicle that costs you lower when it comes to car insurance.
  • Practices safe driving habits.
  • Compare the rates of different insurance providers to find the most affordable premiums.
  • Bundle your policies.

In addition, shop for insurance policies annually, especially when some significant change happens in your life. Besides, you can find and compare the rates of insurance providers online to eventually get cheap auto insurance.


It is mandatory to get auto insurance if you drive a vehicle in Canada, and Toronto is no different. Auto insurance is an expense that protects you and your vehicle in the event of a collision. There are certain factors that will affect your car insurance rate, including your driving record, vehicle’s make & model, and mileage. You can get cheap car insurance in Toronto if you can use all of the aforementioned factors to your advantage. Factors that are out of control when it comes to car insurance are the following:

  1. Your driving history and driving experience
  2. Age
  3. Postal code
  4. Sex

Lastly, you can search for car insurance providers online and compare their rates to eventually get cheap auto insurance.