How To Start Investing In Mutual Funds?

Direct investments in mutual funds can be made through the AMC website, both online and offline. A new account must first be opened by the investor, after which they must send their personal data for the investment. The FATCA form must then be finished and bank details entered. Then, you will have to provide a photo of the voided cheque. Aadhar will confirm the KYC, and you will then be required to submit the required amounts.

For an offline investment, the investor must visit the local AMC office and present the necessary paperwork, including their KYC documents and payment.

You may also decide to invest using your online demat account. There is no additional work required to invest in a mutual fund if you already have a Demat account. There are several ways to invest in and trade in the mutual fund using the existing Demat and bank accounts. An investor only has to log into his Demat account and look for the Mutual Fund Investment option to invest in a mutual fund by using a Demat account. The next step is for you to choose a suitable fund to invest in. You must next complete the investment by making the necessary online money transfers.

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Documents Required for Investing in mutual funds:-

The Know Your Client (KYC) laws must be followed before you may invest in any financial product, such as mutual funds. To comply with KYC standards, these documents are necessary.

  • Passport Size photograph

  • Identity documentation (such as a passport or PAN card)

  • Aadhar card

  • Photocopy of your PAN card

  • Complete the KYC form.

You can provide the AMC or RTA with these papers to process, verify, and update your KYC status. In-Person Verification (IPV) is a phase in the KYC verification process. Visit the office of the KYC Registration Agency (KRAs), AMC, or RTA to do an in-person verification. RTAs are also KRAs, so you should be aware of that. Investors should be aware that many AMCs provide the option of doing your IPV through video chat and providing the required documentation as part of your online KYC.

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How to invest in mutual funds via Lumpsum Investment

You can create a direct mutual fund investment plan with a provider of asset management. You have the option to invest physically or online. You need to give the mutual fund institution a self-attested copy of your ID, address verification, and two passport-sized pictures in order to complete your KYC.

You might make a sizable investment in mutual funds using an online portal. It only takes a few clicks to choose your preferred investing plan after logging into the mutual fund company’s website. Selecting the One-Time option and inputting the required amount is all that is necessary to make a one-time lump-sum investment in a mutual fund.

HOW TO INVEST IN MUTUAL FUND VIA Systematic investment plan

You must finish your KYC before you may invest in a mutual fund. You can complete the KYC registration form online and submit the self-attested identification and address verification documents.

Next, You visit the website of the fund house and select the mutual fund plan that best meets your requirements. By giving your name, phone number, PAN number, username, and password, you may apply for an account.

You must enter the details of your bank account and specify the SIP auto-debit amount before proceeding. By logging into your account at the fund house, you can select a mutual fund plan.

You must make the initial SIP payment for monthly SIPs online and the second instalment after 30 days. As soon as the AMC informs you of the date, you’ll be aware of it. You can continue the SIP as long as you’d like.