How to Invest (How2Invest) low-investment Business


To start your own business as a beginner with no prior experience, you need lots of courage and knowledge. In this article. How to invest (How2invest) provides all the information and details about the top 5 low-investment business ideas.

Starting your own business is a dream of many individuals with good profit margins, and successfully running that business is also not an easy task for a beginner.

To start a business with low investment, offline or online, If you have a good idea with a solid strategy and good market research, you can start your own business and earn a good profit as well. Never start a business that needs all these things like traditional startup costs, such as initial inventory, warehousing, and retail space.


List of 5 Best Low-Investment Business Ideas

Here are the top 5 best low-investment business ideas that don’t require massive funding:

    • Bakery business online/offline, market growth is 8%, and estimated investment, in the beginning, is 15k INR.

    • Tutoring business online/offline, market growth is 15%, and early funding is 10,000 INR.

    • Food Truck offline, market growth is 8.4%, and early funding is 30k INR.

    • Yoga Instructor online/offline, market growth (CAGR) is 9.6%, and early funding is 5K INR.

    • For website design online, market growth (CAGR) is 15.62%, and early investment is 30k–40k INR.

How to invest (How2invest) can provide you with a list of low-investment business ideas with estimated investment, market growth, and earned profit. All this information about low-investment business ideas is based on statistics. These data help beginners start the business as per their funding and based on the profit margin.

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Details of low-investment business ideas

 How to invest (How2invest) helps beginners start their businesses with low investment and a good profit margin. There are a few categories of businesses to start their low-cost business.

            ▪ Food & Beverages Business

            ▪ Education Business Ideas

            ▪ Health & Fitness Business

            ▪ Media Business

            ▪ Designing & Apparels Business

Food and Beverage Business

There are various Food and beverage businesses like bakeries, Food trucks, Selling Homemade Food Items, Cloud Kitchens, Food Delivery businesses, and Vegetable businesses.


Cakes and other bakery items are always in great demand among kids and youth. In India, there are various bakeries and small entrepreneurs who sell cakes, pastries, and other baked products from their homes and factories. Bakery owners are making good profits with these low-investment business ideas.

In this business, you have to purchase the raw materials only; there is no need to stock the products.

Food Truck

These days, food trucks are very popular among youth for fast food. Food trucks are a good concept, in these trucks, you can easily supply fresh foods and make instant food. Fresh supplies of veggies, pizza bases, mayonnaise, etc., would be required to keep the orders rolling. The initial investment might be Rs. 1 lakh, but a good owner can manage a smaller amount to start a business by purchasing an old truck to start the business.

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Education Business Ideas

There are various Education Business Ideas like Tutoring, selling Courses, and Career counseling.


In the 2020 COVID pandemic, people weren’t allowed to go outside, At that time, online classes played a vital role in children’s education. There are various students, employees, and other working professionals who are taking online courses to improve their skills. The online class is a good source of earnings with low-invetsment and online classes have a good profit margin. To start this tuition business, you just need to invest in a good PC and Wi-Fi.

Health and Fitness Business Ideas

There are lots of Health and Fitness Business Ideas to start a business as a beginner, like Yoga instructors, Fitness Classes, and dietitians.

Yoga Instructor

Nowadays, people are very conscious of their health and fitness. So if you have good knowledge of yoga and meditation, you can start your offline or online coaching classes to teach people yoga and meditation.

The best point to start yoga classes is not to make any initial investment. You can start yoga classes on your terrace or in an open space.

Media & Technology Business

There are lots of Media and Technology Business Ideas to start a business as a beginner, like Graphic design, Website design, Digital Marketing agencies, Photography and Videography businesses, and affiliate marketing.

Website Designing

Website design will be one of the best low-investment business ideas. All you need to do is learn skills to become a good website designer. You can also hire a dedicated person who has those skills to design your website. If you provide the best and most responsive design to your client, you can make a good profit. Website design is a profitable business. As we all know, the present era is the internet era, and organizations show their presence through their websites to attract customers.

Dos and Don’ts of Low-Investment Business

How2invest gives some dos and don’ts for a low-investment business that you must follow to start your business and make it a success.

There are a few things you need to do as a low-investment business owner for startups:

  • Tie up with other companies to get a good profit. E.g. service-based businesses like tiffin providers can sell homemade pickles, jams, and other food products.
  • Expand your services to other cities, become the master of them, and move on to the next city.
  • Try to get business loans from Financial institutions to help you with investment to start a low-investment business.
  • Be innovative and creative in providing new products and services that are different from your niches.

There are a few things you don’t need to do as a low-investment business owner for startups:

  • Don’t invest in any business without prior knowledge.
  • Make various sources of income from different businesses.
  • Make a concrete plan to measure your growth in the business.
  • Don’t make a large team; instead, make a good and skilled team with few resources.


How to invest (How2invest) provides the details of which businesses can do great business with low investment. We also help beginners start their businesses with low investment. If you are a beginner and have no prior experience, then you can start the business with a minimum amount of money, and the profit margin should be awesome.

As a beginner, you want to start the business with low investment There are a few ideas like food and beverages, cleaning products or services, t-shirt printing, graphic

designing, content writing, etc. All these business ideas have low investment and good profit margins and the owner can easily expand their business.


How to invest (how2invest) finally provide all the information for low-investment business ideas for beginner to start their own business. We provide all the information and details about the top 5 low-investment business ideas in terms of profitability, investment, and market growth. We provide all the details for any type of business whether it is a big or small business or the profit margin is high and low.

We also provide part/full-time business ideas, and offline/online business ideas and also provide real examples of successful business owners.