Increase Your Business Awareness and Engagement with Facebook Check-in

Business Awareness

Facebook check-in allows users to proportion their place with their buddies. This tool can be included in your marketing strategy to leverage your brand. It is necessary to apply practices that encourage the client to use it.

One of the most extensive social networks of recent times, Facebook is an excellent business opportunity for your company. After all, the platform offers several features that help boost your brand to millions of users.

Simple but very functional, the check-in tool on Facebook helps publicize your business. One of the most significant benefits of this feature is engaging your customers to share about your business on their profiles.

Read more, follow the importance of using Facebook in your marketing strategy for interaction on social networks and how to convince people to promote the company online!

How to use Facebook check-in in marketing strategies?

The more customers you attract to your brick-and-mortar establishment, the more profits you will make. With check-in, your customers publicize the company, attracting more people.

However, it is necessary to apply strategies that encourage them to use this resource. Learn how to do this below.

Offer benefits to people who check in

Some people arrive at an establishment and check in spontaneously. However, others need to get used to using this feature. In this situation, the company must offer relevant benefits to encourage customers to take this action.

For example, you can make check-in conditional on granting a discount. Who wouldn’t want a bill reduction? This is one of the best strategies to engage your target audience.

Remember to inform the customer about the benefit offered, which can be done through ads on the establishment’s Facebook page and by placing notices in the physical space.

Swap Wi-Fi password for Facebook check-in

Wi-Fi password for Facebook

Being connected all the time has become a necessity for most people, either to solve professional or personal issues or for entertainment purposes. For that, it is necessary to have quality internet.

Considering this, Wi-Fi provision is a powerful tool for companies in all segments. One of the best ways to offer internet access is through Facebook check-in.

In this way, the customer marks his presence at the physical establishment to be entitled to connect for free. This makes the company a hotspot where a wireless network can be accessed.

Providing good performance internet at no charge is a differential for business. In this way, you offer the customer convenience and benefits, considering that he will disclose the location to his friends.

Once the publication of the check-in becomes part of the user’s timeline, friends on the social network will be able to view the activity in the news feed and interact with likes and comments.

Such actions generate even more engagement, improving the positioning of your page on “Facebook Graph Search,” which makes it easier for people to find your establishment in the location options.

To use this strategy, you can implement corporate routers in the establishment, which instead of entering a password to access the network, use check-in to connect.

Therefore, the customer will no longer have to look for or request a Wi-Fi password to access the internet. Remember, once again, to post notices in the location telling you that you need to check in with Facebook to use the network.

With this practice, you can adjust users’ browsing time, which can be 30 minutes, an hour, or even a day. Not to mention that there is also the alternative of controlling access to websites and some servers, preventing the client from accessing your private network.

How to set up Wi-Fi for Facebook check-in

The steps to enable this function are easy and taught by Facebook itself. Find out what are the procedures to be carried out:

  • have a Facebook page that you are an administrator of;
  • purchase a corporate router that supports this function;
  • log in to the profile of the company’s page on the social network;
  • activate the login option with Facebook and then follow each instruction of the router installation wizard;
  • make your Wi-Fi network name available so that clients can connect.

Reward your customers for frequency

Facebook generates data that allows the business to analyze who has checked into the property and how often. Take advantage of this information to reward customers who connect with some regularity.

Thus, you create a gamification process among consumers who frequent the place, who will enter into a “competition” to take advantage of the advantages offered. This makes the venture gain recurring publicity.

The prizes offered must be attractive, such as gifts related to the company’s products, discounts, or a free service for those who make a certain number of check-ins.

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Alert the customer of the need to check in

For the check-in strategy to advertise your business to work, you need to alert the customer about the procedure.

To facilitate this process, Facebook itself has created templates for downloadable notices. Undoubtedly, it is a great way to remind the customer to like your page on the social network and register your presence there.

As you’ve seen, checking in on Facebook is simple, but it can leverage your brand within the social network. This type of advertising generates interest in the establishment, making more people discover and visit it.

And, in case you’re wondering if all that effort is worth it, find out more about why to bet on Facebook.

Why invest in Facebook marketing?

Created in 2004, this social network ceased to be just a platform for ordinary people long ago. Facebook for companies is a reality among enterprises of all sizes due to the specific functionalities for professional disclosures. See the best reasons to do Facebook marketing.

It is one of the most extensive social networks in the world

According to a  survey conducted by We Are Social in partnership with Hootsuite, Facebook is the second largest social network globally, with more than 2 billion users, second only to Youtube.

This is an excellent opportunity for companies to enter the business into the digital environment, making it easier to find the target audience and gather customers efficiently.

Is a source of active audience

On  Facebook, you are faced with many people who are connected and active all the time, who seek content and interact with it through reactions, comments, and shares.

Faced with this audience source, it is easier for you to find people interested in your products. However, it is not recommended to post only about sales.

Remember that users don’t necessarily log into Facebook to buy but to connect with other people and brands. Thus, it is essential to bet on a  well-defined content strategy that can engage your audience.

It is an opportunity to advertise

This platform allows companies to create their pages to promote their services, products, and content. With this, you connect with customers and prospects, as people can find your business in a few clicks.

In addition, there is the option of creating ads to be promoted on Facebook, which can be targeted to the target audience of your interest with local SEO techniques, which increases the reach of publications.

It is essential for business

Facebook for business has long ceased to be just a trend. After consolidating, the social network aims to expand the business user base. In this sense, the site has become essential for businesses to find, attract and interact with customers.