Sakshi Dhoni Biography Including Her Net Worth and Profession

Sakshi Dhoni

The year was 1988. On 19th November a cute girl named Sakshi Dhoni was born in Lekhapani, Tinsukia District, Guwahati Assam, India. She came to the limelight after her romance with the famous Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni. After being in a relationship for a couple of years she tied the knot with the former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. As of January 2024, she is 35 years old. She prefers to stay away from the paparazzi. Sakshi comes in front of the camera only when she goes to a cricket stadium or attends any important function. The Dhoni Sakshi images and her daughter are often seen on social media. This article is going to highlight the important facts about MS Dhoni Sakshi including Sakshi Dhoni biography, Sakshi Dhoni birthday and many more.


Sakshi Dhoni father, R K Singh worked in the Binaguri Tea Company for the Kanoi Group. Sheila Singh is Sakshi Dhoni mother name. She is a homemaker. She has a sister and a brother. Akshay Singh is Sakshi Dhoni brother and his sister’s name is Abhilasha Bisht. The Sakshi Dhoni parents moved to Dehradun as Shakshi’s grandfather was a divisional forest officer there. Sakshi Dhoni hometown is Assam where Sakshi Dhoni was born.

The name of Sakshi’s father-in-law is Pan Singh and her mother-in-law is Devki Devi. Narendra Singh Dhoni is her brother-in-law. He is a politician. Her sister-in-law is Jayanti Gupta.


Sakshi Dhoni went to Lekhapani to take her pre-primary education. Sakshi Dhoni and Anushka Sharma, a famous Bollywood actress and Indian cricketer Virat Kohli’s wife attended the school together. Anushka Sharma and Sakshi Dhoni both married two Indian cricketers later. Sakshi then attended Jawahar Vidya Mandir in Ranchi to complete her secondary education after carrying on her studies at Welham Girls’ School in Dehradun. She earned a hotel management degree from the Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad.

Sakshi Dhoni Relationship Details

When Sakshi Dhoni was doing her internship at Taj Bengal in 2007 after completing her graduation in hotel management she first met Dhoni there. It is a coincidence that Dhoni and Sakshi both went to the same school in Ranchi. But there was no interaction between them while they were studying in the school. Sakshi was Dhoni’s junior.

Their original love story is a little bit different from what was shown in the biopic of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. They indeed met each other at the hotel but the management and their mutual friend, Yudhajit Dutta introduced them to each other.

As Sakshi’s internship was going to be over, Dutra wanted to give her a farewell. He invited Dhoni to the party and in this way, they were connected at first. Dhoni got her contact from Dutta and then he started to send her text messages. Sakshi avoided those messages thinking that one of her friends may be doing this for fun. But after learning the truth, she was astonished.

They started their relationship in March 2008. Sakshi went to the birthday party of Dhoni that year. Dhoni and Sakshi age difference is nearly 7 years. They got officially engaged on 3rd July 2010 at the Hotel Competent in Dehradun. Two days after their engagement Sakshi Dhoni wedding date was fixed and they got hitched with each other. After 4 years of their marriage, Sakshi Dhoni pregnancy news came out and they were blessed with a baby girl named Ziva in February 2015.

Sakshi Dhoni Career

In the early stage of her career, Sakshi Dhoni worked as the administrator for the company Rhiti MSD Alamode Pvt. Ltd which is located in New Delhi. She also worked as an intern at the Taj Bengal Hotel, Kolkata where she came across with her future husband. But Sakshi Dhoni Profession in hotel management did not continue after she married Dhoni.

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Dhoni wife Sakshi has a foundation named the Sakshi Rawat Foundation which helps orphans. She also plays the role of the CEO at Dhoni Entertainment PVT LTD. The primary income source is her shares in the company.

Sakshi Dhoni’s Net Worth

The approximate Sakshi Dhoni net worth is $1 million to $5 million. She has a vintage Volkswagen Beetle. Her husband, Mahendra Singh Dhoni gifted her the car on their anniversary.

Sakshi Dhoni Controversies

  • Sakshi sat beside Vindoo Dara Singh during the IPL matches in 2013 for which it was rumoured that she worked with Vindoo in the spot-fixing scam.
  • Dennis Arora filed a complaint in 2016 against Sakshi and three others claiming that they were involved in a multi-core fraud.
  • Sakshi was trolled in 2018 when she wore the famous designer Manish Malhotra’s lehenga at the marriage of her best friend Poorna Patel.
  • Sakshi was trolled when a photo went viral showing Dhoni tying the shoelaces of his wife. But there is no proof of how true it is as Sakshi herself admits that without Dhoni she is nothing.

Final Words

Sakshi Dhoni has become a celebrity after having Dhoni as her husband. But she is a woman with an outstanding personality. She does a lot of things for the orphans. Although Sakshi Dhoni images sometimes troubled her, she avoided them tactfully.