Sher Singh Rana: Biography, Wife and Murder Story

Sher Singh Rana

Before starting the Sher Singh Rana Story, it is important to know ‘Who is Sher Singh Rana?’ Sher Singh Rana came into the limelight for being involved in the murder case of a one-time dacoit-turned-politician named Phoolan Devi. He was born in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India on 17 May 1976. The Sher Singh Rana history is filled with controversy, crime, and a bold flight that grabbed the attention of the entire nation. 

Sher Singh’s Enigmatic Beginnings: Unveiling the Intriguing Chapters of a Rising Star’s Early Years

The Sher Singh Rana biography depicts that Sher Singh Rana had quite an obscure early life. He belongs to a typical middle-class family in Roorkee. But when he grew up, he started to involve himself in numerous criminal activities. He soon became famous for being associated with local conflicts and criminal activities. Pratima Singh is Sher Singh Rana wife. 

Phoolan Devi Murder

In 2001 Sher Singh Rana caught the attention of the entire nation when he directed the bold escape of the killers of Phoolan Devi from Tihar Jail in Delhi. Phoolan Devi who was once a famous dacoit became a member of Parliament and was killed in 2001. Rana was responsible for the entire murder. 

Sher Singh Rana Story

Arrest and Trial

After escaping from the jail Rana kept himself hidden for a couple of months. But in 2006 the Delhi Police threatened him vigorously. He was accused of being involved in the murder, conspiracy, and escape from legal custody. 

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During the trial, Sher Singh Rana tried to defend his deeds by referring to the historical grudges of the Rajput community. Not only that he said that the legendary Rajput warrior, Maharana Pratap had inspired him to do this murder. However, the court did not acknowledge his explanations. In 2014 it was proved that he was associated with the murder and hence he was punished with life imprisonment. 

Escape and Rearrest

Surprisingly, Sher Singh Rana was able to escape from the Tihar Jail in 2004. But he was soon arrested in 2006 from Kolkata. 

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Legacy and Impact

The life story of Sher Singh Rana is a complicated portrayal of crime, vigilantism, and an endeavour to seek punishment in the name of community acclaim. His actions made the criminal justice system face the question that is how effective it is in handling criminals. 

Where Is Sher Singh Rana Now?  

Sher Singh Rana is now a member of the Rashtravadi Janlok Party. 

To depict Sher Singh Rana history in Hindi a movie has been created on the life of Sher Singh Rana athlete turned famous murderer. Sher Singh Rana movie release date has not been disclosed yet. But it will be released soon in 2024.


Sher Singh Rana biography is a story of corruption, flight, and contentious vigilantism. His association with the Phoolan Devi murder case and subsequent flight from jail have left a memorable imprint on India’s criminal history. Sher Singh Rana’s story serves as a cautionary saga and accentuates the complexity enclosing justice, punishment, and the rule of law.