The Best Back Hand Mehndi Designs in 2024

Back Hand Mehndi Design

Mehndi is one of the most popular art forms that are drawn on palms, fingers, and feet. In specific religions, using mehndi has become a traditional ritual. However, nowadays in each religion, every bride likes to have a mehndi full of hands in their marriage ceremony. Not only for marriage purposes, but the mehndi comes to be an essential part of every occasion. The other name of Mehndi is Henna. There are multiple types of designs available in Mehndi. The backhand mehndi design is very attractive. On the other hand, it has some meanings too.

Importance of Henna on Fingertips 

Henna on the fingertips is also said to have medicinal advantages in some cultures since it is thought to enhance blood circulation and lessen tension. Also, the hands, which are frequently seen as a symbol of beauty, elegance, and femininity, can be highlighted by applying henna to the tips of your fingers. Let’s discuss the easy mehndi designs for the backhand. 

Top Back Hand Mehndi Designs For Weddings

Different types of mehndi designs can be done on fingers. Here is a list of the mehndi designs for the backhand: 

  • Jaal Pattern Mehndi’s design

The backhand net mehndi design looks very attractive. If the brides wear this type of mehndi design on their backhands it will grab the attention of others. 

  • Leafy Pattern Mehndi Design 

This type of mehndi design is done by using conventional mehndi materials like leaves and flowers. This is a simple Mehndi backhand design. 

  • Leafy Affair 

The leaf motifs are the latest way to decorate your backhand with henna. If you want to maintain a perfect balance between traditionalism and modernism you may pair it up with a bharwa mehndi. 

  • Conventional Arabic Mehndi Design 

The beginners may choose such designs and team them up with bright nail paint and wear a few rings to improve the glamour. This Arabic mehndi design backhand will go with any traditional wear and Indo-western outfits too. 

  • Best One For The Bridesmaids 

You may adorn your beautiful hands with these extraordinary henna patterns. This design is done by using only flowers and lines which will grab the attention of everyone. 

  • Dreamy Back Hand  Mehndi Design 

This type of mehndi design is done by using the usual henna elements to grab the attention of others. It will help you to look at your hands longer. 

  • Jaal Finger Mehndi Design With A Twist!

If your name contains four letters you may get this outstanding mehndi design. This personalized mehndi design hand-back side will catch the attention of others. 

  • Mandala-Inspired Finger Mehndi Design 

Mandalas are completely conventional but beautiful mehndi designs. This is an ideal design for those who want to have a back-side full-hand mehndi design.  This design can be worn at weddings, pre-wedding, or post-wedding occasions. 

  • The Floral Squares 

Symmetry is the key to us. If you like floral mehndi designs back hand

you may go for mehndi designs with floral squares. 

  • Botanic Leaves 

If you are looking for backhand mehndi designs you may go for this mehendi design. 

  • ‘Dulhan’ Bridal Mehndi Designs

If you do not like the former mehndi design you may adorn it in your hands with the best backhand dulhan mehndi designs. It may take a lot of time to do this. This is time-consuming but to have the best results you have to give your time. 

  • ‘Peacock’ Trending Bridal Mehndi Designs 

Peacock design can be combined with lotus, roses, leaves, and beautiful jali looks so excellent at the Mehendi ceremony. Peacock designs are common. 

  • ‘Elephant’ Trending Bridal Mehndi Designs 

The elephant design is now very popular. If you want to try the latest things you may go for this design. It will help you to enhance your backhands as well as your fingers. And there is no doubt that the design will catch the attention of others. 

  • Engraved Date Of Wedding Mehndi Designs 

If you are looking for some outstanding designs that can be done on your hands you may ask the mehndi artist to engrave the date of your wedding to give it an elegant but tasteful look. 

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  • I Heart You

If you want to show your beloved how deeply you love him you may go for this beautiful design. It is the best way to express the love and feelings you have for your beloved. 


We have given some of the most popular options of back hand mehndi design 2022 simple that can give you an attractive look on your big day. You may pick anyone that matches perfectly with your outfit and enhance your looks to the next level. We hope that the options we have given will make your work easy if you are looking for a perfect backhand mehndi design to wear on your wedding day.