Top 7 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2023

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Which digital cryptocurrency exchanges will best meet your needs?

This article examines the best cryptocurrency exchanges, considering factors like user experience, costs, and customer support!

Top 7 Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms in 2023

1. CoinBase: The best exchange for aspiring cryptocurrency traders

With a reputation for having a user-friendly design, Coinbase is one of the most well-liked cryptocurrency exchanges on a global scale. Unlike its rivals, Coinbase has a spotless past free of hacking events. The platform provides remarkable advantages for new investors by providing simple-to-use, learn modules that make it possible to buy cryptocurrencies for free.

Due to the high fees connected with some transactions, especially those under $200, Coinbase has come under fire. Additionally, most users have limited access to customer support, despite Coinbase One’s promise to give $30 monthly subscribers priority customer care.


  • Trading, purchasing, and selling cryptocurrencies across more than 250
  • Coinbase to earn cryptocurrency
  • Access to both basic and sophisticated trading options


  • Increased costs for certain transactions
  • Limited customer support capabilities

2. Robinhood: The best platform for trading stocks and cryptocurrencies

Robinhood accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in addition to its role as a stock exchange. The Bitcoin purchase, sales, and transfer are made simple with the user-friendly Robinhood mobile app.

But it’s important to understand that the main focus of Robinhood is not cryptocurrencies. The platform only currently supports a small number of cryptocurrencies, which has drawn criticism. Additionally, poor customer service has been a source of debate.



  • Support is only available for a maximum of 20 coins.
  • Inadequate client service
  • Less cryptocurrency features, such as the lack of staking support

3. Gemini: An Outstanding Security Option,

A company founded in 2014 by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, is well known for its steadfast dedication to legal compliance. Gemini stands out from most exchanges by being accessible in all 50 states, a remarkable distinction.

Gemini offers a beginner-friendly version for experienced traders and an active trader platform for those more seasoned in the trading world to serve cryptocurrency investors of all skill levels.


  • Available in all 50 states
  • Insurance for digital assets as collateral
  • Friendly mobile application
  • Assistance with more than 100 cryptocurrencies


  • Limited cryptocurrency selection compared to rival exchanges
  • Limited client service
  • Slightly higher fees in comparison to substitute exchanges

4. Kraken: Best Option for Experienced Traders and Affordable Fees

Kraken is one of the earliest bitcoin exchanges still operating, founded in San Francisco in 2011. It is currently one of the biggest exchanges in the world, offering distinctive features, including margin and derivative trading, along with round-the-clock customer service.


  • Kraken Pro charges nominal fees—as little as 0.16%.
  • Continuous client service
  • 150+ coins are supported
  • Trading in derivatives and the availability of margin


  • For new investors, the user interface is not intuitive
  • For fiat deposits, there may be a delay of up to 5 days.
  • Increased charges on the default Kraken platform

5. Unmatched for User-Friendliness and Credit Card Incentives offers a streamlined process for buying and selling digital assets as part of its commitment to streamlining cryptocurrency transactions. The company’s main focus is a user-friendly mobile application that makes trading on the go simple.

Additionally, for its high credit card rewards tied to cryptocurrency use, has won praise. Cardholders can earn up to 5% incentives by staking CRO, the native cryptocurrency of


  • Large credit card rewards for CRO investors
  • Nominal costs for CRO investors
  • Availability of more than 250 cryptocurrencies


  • Purchases with a debit or credit card may incur fees of up to 4%.
  • Fees are increased for users without CRO holdings.
  • Limited client service

6. Uphold: Best Option for a Variety of Investments

Uphold, which started as Bitreserve in 2013, makes a unique argument. Due to its ability to invest in various assets, including carbon credits and precious metals, it stands out among the other companies on this list.

By refusing to impose trading, deposit, and withdrawal fees, Uphold sets itself apart. The exchange does, however, apply a “spread” to deals based on the current state of the market.


  • Support for precious metals and cryptocurrencies
  • More than 250 cryptocurrencies are listed
  • Cryptocurrency debit card with rewards of up to 2%


  • A poorly rated mobile app
  • Spread has a great degree of variability
  • The occurrence of a class action lawsuit against Uphold that raises security concerns

7. CashApp: The Best App for Mobile Bitcoin Investing

CashApp is the most user-friendly way to buy Bitcoin on your mobile device, and it has successfully carved out a niche for itself as a mobile payment software. The cashapp efficiently enables Bitcoin purchases, sales, and transfers with a few easy clicks. The user-friendly mobile software streamlines and simplifies Bitcoin transactions.


  • Instant Bitcoin sales and purchases
  • highly user-friendly mobile app


  • Only supports Bitcoin transactions
  • Higher transaction fees (around 1.75%)

Selecting the Best Crypto Exchange

Your unique requirements will determine which cryptocurrency exchanges platform developed by crypto banking software is best for you. Professional traders can turn to Kraken or Gemini for the necessary tools if they want a strong trade interface. On the other hand, because of their simple and efficient trade interfaces, Coinbase or Uphold can appeal to novice or casual investors in the cryptocurrency space.