Touch and Glow: The Emerging Brand In The Cosmetics Market

Touch and Glow

Revlon is securing a good position in the market by offering contemporary women bold revolutionary products. The most popular products of Revlon are Touch and Glow Cream, Touch & Glow Foundation and Touch and Glow Spa. If you want to portray yourself confidently you should try the Revlon products. 

What Are The Ingredients In Revlon Touch And Glow?

By pampering your skin with the touch and glow cream of Revlon you can flourish your skin to the most. It has a dual sunscreen that will safeguard your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. By applying this touch and glow cream you can prevent your skin from darkening and premature ageing. The Touch & glow cream contains advanced vitamin agent dual sunscreen honey stearic acid magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. 

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What Are The Benefits of Touch And Glow Cream?

If you use the Revlon Touch n Glow cream you will get the following benefits:  

  • It will nourish your skin. 
  • It will protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. 
  • It will reduce the risks of darkening and premature ageing. 
  • The packaging of the cream is very convenient. 
  • It gives a matte finish to your skin. 
  • It will moisturize your skin perfectly. If you use this cream you do not need to use other products to give a soft touch to your skin. 
  • The amazing fragrance of the team is very gentle. 
  • It will make your skin fairer. 

How Do You Use Touch and Glow Cream?

To use the touch and glow cream you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:  

  • Please wash your face properly with a good cleanser. 
  • Then apply the cream on your face, neck and arms in circular motions. 

To get the best results you are recommended to use the cream twice a day. 

Does Revlon Touch Glow Cream Have Any Side Effects?

Revlon touch and glow cream side effects are as follows: 

  • It contains butylene glycol, octyl methoxycinnamate, and fragrance elements. So you may face problems like skin irritation and allergic reactions. 
  • As there is triethanolamine there is a high risk of irreversible skin injuries. 
  • The octyl methoxycinnamate in the cream may cause endocrine disorders, hormonal irregularities, cell mutation, and cell death. 
  • The parabens may cause endocrine disorders. 
  • Imidazolidinyl Urea can cause different types of cancers as it gives off a carcinogen named formaldehyde. 
  • EDTA may cause abnormalities and dysfunctions in the reproductive organs. 

Why Will You Use Revlon Touch And Glow Foundation?  

Revlon Touch and Glow foundation give a parlour-like glow to your face. It is available in various types. You may pick anyone considering your skin tone. Revlon touch and glow beauty parlour-like foundation will help you to get the look of a diva. 

Revlon Touch and Glow salon foundation can be used by any woman. It adds a natural touch to your face, it will not at all look artificial. It is a water-based foundation. So it will be easily blended on your skin. Touch and glow parlour-like foundation not only helps you to cover the minor shortcomings on your skin but also keeps it moisturized and healthy. 


Region products be it glow touch cream or foundation are designed for women who have dry to normal skin. Glow Touch Mysore’s location is gradually captivating the entire market. If you are unable to understand which shade is perfect for you you may visit a Revlon store. The professional will guide you perfectly.