TRTR Full Form In The Banking, What Does TRTR Mean In Banking Statement?

Trtr Full Form In The Banking

Trtr full form in the bank is related to a bank statement. Whenever the account holder did any transaction, it’s related to trtr. Trtr means transfer transaction. When the account holder did any transaction whether it is a cash withdrawal or cash transfer from one account to another. Then this transaction shows as trtr in a bank statement. Trtr full form in banking is transfer transaction. account holder did not know about this. Trtr is purely bank terminology. When the account holder did any cash transfer using a debit card, the trtr should be shown in the bank mini statement.

Trtr Full Form In The Bank

A transaction can be any action that transfers money in or out of an account holder’s account, including withdrawals, deposits, transfers, bill payments, shopping, etc. Transfers are usually of two types TFR and TLR. TFR indicates when the money will transfer from one account to another. TLR  Full form in banking is all those transactions are done through a bank associate branch. Trtr full form in the bank may indicate that the transfer transaction was successful and the funds have been transferred.

The phase of Bank Transfer

Transfer transactions majorly hold three consecutive processes. As we all know transferring a fund from one bank to another is a process. Name of the transfer transaction phase is the access phase, the information phase, and the disengagement phase. All these processes are used for the welfare of the account holder. So that the account holder has clarity about the transaction.

As we know, Trtr Full form in banking is related to the cashless transaction into the bank. Trtr Full form in banking is commonly used to indicate a “transferred” or “transaction” status. If you don’t know about the TRTR, and you are checking your mini statement. You can directly contact the branch and clarify the transaction details. The bank person can give the information about the transaction.

Trtr Meaning in banks

Trtr full form of banking varies from bank to bank. In different banks, Trtr’s meaning varies. In Pnb bank (Punjab National Bank) Trtr is the trust receipt. Trust receipt is a promissory note to the bank. It is proof that the loan amount will be paid upon the sale of the goods.

In Bank of Baroda Trtr means transfer receipt/payments. the amount received other than cash transaction.


Trtr full form in banking is an over-the-counter transaction performed. The account holder can see this for a cash deposit or withdrawal done in the branch.

Trtr is regarding the cash withdrawal and cash deposit into your bank account. If the account holder is checking his or her mini statement. he or she can find trtr mentioning for the cash withdrawal and deposit in your bank account. The account holder can also find this word in their passbook as well.

In banking, there are so many terminologies that are not known by every account holder. So if an account holder finds any new terminologies, then the account holder has to directly contact the branch so that they can easily get the right information and details about that particular terminology.