What is The Salary of Vistara Air Hostess

salary of vistara air hostess

In the aviation industry of India, Vistara is a well-known performer. It has earned its name for its obligation to provide outstanding services. The air hostesses or cabin crew play a very important role in any airline. They keep their eyes on the passengers so that they can complete their journey safely and pleasantly. Most people often want to know ‘what is the salary of a Vistara air hostess’.

Let’s discuss this case to have a detailed idea of the salary of Vistara air hostess. 

Salary Structure:

The salary of air hostesses in Vistara depends on the experience, qualification, and the particular role of an air hostess within the cabin crew. Air hostess salary in Vistara is not disclosed publicly. But we can give you a synopsis of the Vistara Airlines air hostess salary considering the industry standards and insights from specialists. 

Vistara air hostess salary for freshers may vary between Rs 25,000 to Rs 35,000 every month. The starting level salary is competitive as per the advantages and scopes for development within the airline. 

The salary of air hostesses in Vistara Airlines keeps increasing when they become experienced and senior. So,  do you Know what is the salary of a Vistara air hostess when they become experienced? It can exceed Rs 1 lakh per month. The amount of salary may differ depending on the performance, extra duties, and the time of service of a Vistara air hostess with the airline

air hostess salary in vistara

Besides the base salary, Vistara Airlines gives additional bonuses and stipends to the air hostesses like incentives for outstanding performance, travel advantages, healthcare coverage, and retirement advantages. The airline also arranges detailed training programs so that the cabin crew can earn the required skills and proficiency to perform their roles in a better way. 

Career Growth Opportunities:

Vistara knows how to give value to talent. That is why it offers a pool of options for the advancement of a career. Air hostesses by showing their education, professionalism and qualities to leadership can get promotions to senior positions like Senior Cabin Crew Member, Cabin Crew Supervisor, or even managerial roles within the airline.

Vistara also focuses on the learning and development of skills among the employees. Therefore it allows the cabin crew members to attend different training programs and workshops so that they can improve their customer service skills, safety protocols, and all-around performance. 

Work Environment and Job Satisfaction:

Salary is no doubt very important for any job. There are a lot of Vistara air hostesses who have found mental satisfaction besides monetary satisfaction as the airline has an outstanding work environment. It gives the air hostesses a chance to meet various people. 


To conclude while the Vistara air hostesses’ salary per month may differ, the airline provides a lot of salary packages along with scopes for developing a career. So,  for those who are interested in the aviation and hospitality industry, Vistara is not only an attractive place to work but also a place of mental satisfaction. The well-being of the air hostesses is always the priority of Vistara.