Who is Mufaddal Vohra and Who Made So Famous ?

Mufaddal Vohra

Are you a cricket lover?  If yes, you must have heard the name Mufaddal Vohra. We all have seen him on different social media platforms like Twitter showing how excited he is about cricket.

The things he shares on social media are his thoughts about cricket be it players, matches and teams. He keeps analyzing them very efficiently. Hence, he has become very popular among the cricket lovers.

For his massive enthusiasm for cricket, he makes several tweets about this sport on his social media profile. He has a special place in his heart for cricket players like Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle.

A huge number of people follow him on social media to get to know the latest updates about cricket. He has secured a remarkable position in the cricket community.

Let’s Find Out Who Mufaddal Vohra Is

Who is Mufaddal Vohra? – is now the most popular question that peeps into the minds of most people. A cricket lover and cricket match analyst Mufaddal Vohra is a big fan of the famous cricket player Chris Gayle. Mufaddal Vohra Twitter is only used for sharing the latest cricket news. His aim behind all these is to deliver the latest news about cricket to everyone.

On Twitter, Mufaddal Vohra keeps sharing his thoughts daily. There is a photo of Chris Gayle on his Twitter account. Mufaddal Vohra face has not become popular in one day. It is the result of his immense hard work and his unconditional love for the sport.

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How Was Mufaddal Vohra’s Early Life?

Mufaddal Vohra was born on 19 March 1996 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. As per the Mufaddal Vohra Wikipedia, his current age as of January 2024 is 27 years. After taking his early education he earned a graduate degree. Since childhood, he was interested in cricket. For this, he chose the profession of becoming a cricket pundit when he grew up.

The Family Details Mufaddal Vohra

The names of the parents of Mufaddal Vohra are yet to be updated. The names of his siblings are also not available.

Let’s Put Some Light on The Career Of Mufaddal Vohra

Mufaddal Vohra is a popular cricket fan. Through his Twitter account, Mufaddal Vohra tweets updates and comments related to cricket matches, teams, and players. He also keeps giving perspectives from famous cricketers like Sourav Ganguly and Steven Smith on the players, sports, and leagues. He has even depicted the Australian cricketer David Warner to be a lovely character in a tweet about him playing with kids in Mumbai.

He is also interested in the Indian Premier League as he has posted information related to the return of cheerleaders in the league and made a blog about the availability of players and economic conditions.

How Rich Mufaddal Vohra Is? 

As per the reports, the primary income source of Mufaddal Vohra is his tweets about cricket. The approximate net worth of Mufaddal Vohra is Rs 1.5 crores. He earns his money from social media. Where he is today is the blessing of social media. He has become so successful after monetizing his passion for cricket on Twitter and other social media platforms. His numerous tweets about the sport are supposed to be his primary income source. His net worth proves that he has been able to make a strong signal media presence for himself.

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What Made Mufaddal Vohra So Famous? 

The famous cricket enthusiast Mufaddal Vohra earned his widespread recognition for analysing and sharing cricket matches on social media platforms, especially Twitter. He has earned his name and fame for his dedication to cricket and his massive fans and followers. He admires the cricketer Chris Gayle so much that he has kept a picture of Chris Gayle on the DP of his Twitter account.

Mufaddal Vohra face

Mufaddal Vohra Twitter

Mufaddal Vohra earned all his popularity from his Twitter account, @mufaddal_vohra where he keeps sharing his thoughts and updates about cricket matches, teams, and players. Vohra has made a tweet on the historic win of Afghanistan against Pakistan. He has designated it a night to remember in Afghanistan’s cricket history. Vohra applauded the Afghan team for their victory. In another tweet, he expressed his inner wish that he wanted the Nepal Cricket Board to expand and boost its fans.

Mufaddal Vohra Relationship

Mufaddal Vohra’s girlfriend’s name is unknown. As per the reports he is not in a relationship now.


Mufaddal Vohra has become a remarkable personality in the entire cricket community for his deep love for cricket. His success is a great example for aspiring social media influencers.