Who is the Owner of Brigade Group

Who is the Owner of Brigade Group

Real estate is indeed a dynamic landscape in India that plays a pivotal role in the development of India. Brigade Group stands still in real estate as a tough player. It helps to reshape skylines and redefine urban living. So,  now the question that peeps into our mind is who is the owner of Brigade Group? M.R. Jaishankar is the owner of Brigade Group. The Brigade Group which was formed in 1986 has now become one of the leading property developers in South India which has a variety of portfolios in residential, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. The group has been setting a strong impression on the cityscape of Bangalore. That is why most people are curious to know who is the owner of Brigade Group. 

The person behind the kingdom of Brigade Group, M.R. Jaishankar, is a major player in the real estate industry of India. The Brigade Group owner has taken the Brigade Group to the top of success with his innovative eyes and longing for excellence. He wanted to create spaces that mix up functionality with aesthetics which has reverberated with home buyers and investors. In this way, Brigade Group has become a reliable name in the industry. 

Brigade Group has become able to stand out from the crowd not only under the leadership of Jaishankar but also with the help of his daughter. The Brigade Group owner daughter name is Pavitra Shankar. She serves as the Director of Brigade Hospitality Services Ltd. She has a great contribution to the Brigade Group. She completed her studies in hospitality management and she was interested in sustainable development. It is Pavitra who has mixed modern trends with global standards to give shape to the hospitality venture of the Brigade Group. 

The owner of Brigade Group Bangalore, M.R. Jaishankar and his daughter Pavitra Shankar by using their skill have taken the business to new heights. The different projects of the group prove their mastery as every project is unique, of the best quality and customer-friendly. 

The success of Brigade Group has enabled the owner to earn a lot of money. Brigade Group owner net worth is not available in exact figures. But we can say that they are indeed a major player in the real estate industry of India. They have a powerful track record of offering value to investors as well as buyers. 

No sign indicates that Brigade Group is slowing down. It is rather planning to start a lot of projects to become more successful. The legacy of Brigade Group is constantly evolving and having a great effect on the urban fabric of Bangalore. 


To conclude the proprietor of Brigade Group, M.R. Jaishankar, along with his daughter Pavitra Shankar had shown their power of vision, innovation and excellence by taking the Brigade Group to the forefront of the real estate industry of India. Brigade Group remains an example of success in the evolving landscape of metropolitan growth.